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Creating a Chocolate Sunflower

(can be done with royal icing too - click here for Royal Icing Recipe)

1. Photocopy the template to the desired size. Tape the template on a sheet pan or flat surface. cover the template with parchment paper.

2. Melt 1/2 cup of ark chocolate and 2 cups of white chocolate.

3. Divide the white chocolate among 5 bowls (bowls 1 and 2 should have slightly more chocolate than bowls 3, 4 and 5). Tint the two fuller bowls yellow and orange and, using the color chart below tint the remaning three red-orange, autumn, green and burnt sienna. Pour the dark chocolate and the colored chocolates into 6 separate pastry cones or you can use baggies and nip a hole in one corner.

Click Here for TEMPLATE
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4. Cut a very small hole in the dark chocolate pasty cone. With a fine line, trace the outline of the sunflower, including all of the seeds.

5. Still using the pastry cone of chocolate, pipe an additional line around the edge of the seeds. Before it sets, use the paintbrush to gently feather the chocolate in the direction fo the petal, working from the base to the top. Pipe a dot of chocolate in the center of the sunflower and spread it with the paintbrush in a circular motion, being careful not to wipe off the seed lines. You should be able to still see the parchment through these semi=transparent "shadows".

6. With the red-orange, pipe thin lines around the edge of the outer petals where they touch the center petals. use the brush to blend it toward the tip of each petal.

7. With the orange, pipe thin lines around the outer edge of the seeds. use the brush to blend it toward the tip of the petals. Pipe an orange circle inside the seeds, halfway from the center, then gently blend the line into the seeds.

8. Fill in the center petals with yellow. put a drop of yellow in the center of the sunflower and blend with the brush.

9. Fill in the outer petals with orange.

10. Pipe a ring of autumn green around the center of the sunflower. Blend gently with a paintbrush.

11. Fill in with burnt sienna, overlapping the colors for stability. Set aside to harden

12. When hardened, carefully flip the design and gently peel off the parchment paper.

Mixing colors

Frosting - Tinting using food coloring
Wafer Chocolate Candies
3 parts red + 4 parts orange
5 orange wafers and 3 red wafers
Autumn Green
3 parts green + 1 part orange + 1 part yellow + 1 part brown
3 green wafers, 1 yellow wafer, 1 orange wafter and 5 chocolate wafers



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Exerpt from The Whimsicalbakehouse Book
Click Here to get more information on this book!

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