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Basic Decorating Techniques

Cake Stamps

Stamp colorful designs onto your
fondant-covered cakes, cupcakes, or cookies...
it is easy and fun!

1. Fill Color Tray with Brush-On Color. Dip a Stamp into color. Press Stamp on parchment paper or paper towel to get the look just right.

2. Press stamp onto your cake,
imprinting the design flat against the surface. Rinse stamp in water whenever you change colors, then dry with paper towel.

3. Continue dipping and stamping until desired design is complete.

Washable and Re-usable Stampers.
Stamp colorful designs onto your fondant-covered cakes, cupcakes or cookies.
Shapes range from 1 to 1 1/2 inches. Food-safe, with convenient handles for even imprinting. Use with Brush-On Color and Color Tray to create brilliant shapes!
BABY Designs<br>Cake Stampers<br>Activity Kit Cake Stampers<br>GEOMETRIC Designs<br>Activity Kit
NATURE Designs<br>Cake Stampers<br>Activity Kit ROMANTIC Designs<br>Cake Stampers Set

Color Tray and Brushes
Color Tray<br>Use for Brush-On<br>Edible Paints Brush Set<br>Use with Color-On<br>Edible Paint
Look no further... EDIBLE PAINTS


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