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Basic Decorating Technique

How To Attach
Dried Fondant Shapes
to a
Fondant Cake

If you've prepared fondant shapes ahead of time,
like I do, they are dry, colorful and pretty.

This is the recipe I use to
attach the shapes to a fresh fondant cake.


Thinned Fondant Adhesive

Use this mixture when attaching dried fondant to other fondant decorations
and also use for attaching freshly-cut fondant pieces
to lollipop sticks or florist wire.

Since this is brushed on the back of
a dried fondant shape, there is no need to
color it to match any colored fondant pieces.


White Ready-to-Use Fondant (1 oz.)
(approximately a 1-1/2 inch ball)

1/4 teaspoon cool water from the tap


Knead water into fondant until it becomes softened and sticky.

To attach a fondant decoration, brush on back of the dried fondant decoration.

Recipe may be doubled.

Ready-to-Use White Fondant
(can be tinted to any colors or used as white)
Variation for coloring white fondant: Decorate with Edible Brush On Paints.

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Ready-to-Use Already Colored Fondant:
Neon Colors, Pastel Colors, Primary Colors

Rolled Fondant<br>NEON COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.) Rolled Fondant<br>PASTEL COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.) Rolled Fondant<br>PRIMARY COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.)
Celebrate with Fondant
This book is filled with exciting, colorful cakes for children's birthdays, family birthdays, bridal and baby showers, weddings and more. Photos of finished cakes, instructions and there is a step-by-step technique section.

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