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Basic Decorating Techniques

Rolled Fondant
Bows & Loops

1. Roll fondant 1/8 inch thick.
Make a practice bow using these measurements; once you have mastered these steps, modify the measurements for your own cake design: Cut two strips 1 inch wide x 6 inches long for loops and one length 1 inch wide x 2 inches long for center.

step 1

2. Make two loops:
Fold strip over to form a loop, aligning ends. Brush ends with a damp brush. Pinch ends slightly to secure. Stand loops upright on side to dry. Make a bow center: Wrap length around your finger to create a loop; brush area to be seamed with a damp brush; overlap the ends slightly and press together to secure. Stand bow center on its side to dry.

step 2

3. Insert the ends of two loops into center;
secure with dots of icing if necessary and position on cake.

step 3

Ready-to-Use White Fondant
(can be tinted to any colors or used as white)
Variation for coloring white fondant: Decorate with Edible Brush On Paints.

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Ready-to-Use Already Colored Fondant:
Neon Colors, Pastel Colors, Primary Colors

Rolled Fondant<br>NEON COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.) Rolled Fondant<br>PASTEL COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.) Rolled Fondant<br>PRIMARY COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.)
Celebrate with Fondant
This book is filled with exciting, colorful cakes for children's birthdays, family birthdays, bridal and baby showers, weddings and more. Photos of finished cakes, instructions and there is a step-by-step technique section.

Celebrate with Fondant<br>Photos & Instructions<br>FABULOUS!http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/3_431/products_id/4024
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