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Strawberry Shaped Cake...

So cute for a Strawberry Shortcake party!

Believe it or not,
this cake is made using a
cake pan!

To see a photo, click on
Heart Shape Cake Pan

This cake uses candy melts but you can
do the same thing with frosting and frosting colors

Candy Melts - Blue & Yellow to make Green; Yellow for seeds; Red for strawberry color

Strawberry Cake Mix (Mix following instructions on box mix and bake in heart-shaped cake pan)

Leaves - Non-toxic leaves such as Lemon or Lime leaves

Piping bags and round tips - one Large for stem and a smaller one for seeds

Melt following package directions and mix a small amount of the blue and yellow candy. Wash and dry your leaves completely then brush the back of the leaves with the green candy mixture and set on wax paper. Refrigerate to set then brush with a second coat of the candy mixture (you might have to re-melt). When set, carefully pull leaf away from candy. On a piece of wax paper pipe a green stem of the candy melts and add the leaves then refrigerate to set.

Place cake onto cookie sheet with a piece of wax paper under it. Melt the red candy melts following package directions. Pour melted candy onto center of cake, spreading candy with a spatula so that the candy covers the entire cake and sides. Let dry.

Pipe yellow seeds onto the cake. Melt chocolate chips following package directions and pour onto bottom part of cake like seen in photo above. Let dry completely and then enjoy the oooh's and ahhh's you will get over this spectacular yummy cake!

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