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Rocket Ship Cake


Jelly Roll Cake or Chocolate Jelly Roll Cake or purchase one.
2 cups frosting
1 tube blue decorator icing or tint your own
3 pointed ice cream cones or 3 rolled waffer cookies

Thin Cardboard & Foil


With a knife, trim one end of the jelly roll cake to form a point.  Frost entire cake with frosting.  With a toothpick, trace lines and rivets in frosting and then retrace using blue icing and writing tip.

Cut three triangles from the cardboard and cover with foil.  Insert in sides and top of cake like picture for rocket fins.  With a sharp knife, use a gentle sawing motion to cut ice cream cones 1-1/2" from pointed ends.  Insert tips in rocket bottom for exhaust pipes.  Crush left over cones and store in an airtight baggie to be used as ice cream topper at a later date.

Addition:  Kids will love to see themselves in the window of this rocket cake.  To do this, cover a small scale school picture with clear plastic wrap to protect it and then attach it to the cake with a little frosting.  Pipe frosting around it to make a window.

To make the cake plate - cut a piece of cardboard round - larger than the cake and cover in foil.

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