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Pirate Cake

11 x 15 in. Sheet Pan
Tips: 4, 8
Tip: 21
Tip: 352
Brown, Ivory, Black, Kelly Green, Sky Blue Icing Colors
Piping Gel
Buttercream Icing
Royal Icing
Granulated light brown sugar, gold foiled chocolates or gum, sign board, pretzel sticks, graham crackers

With royal icing, figure pipe Skull on waxed paper with tip 8. Pipe tip 4 patch, dot eye, nose and outline mouth.

For ship: Cut corners from one end of two graham crackers rectangles. With royal or buttercream icing, generously ice one side and sandwich cracker together. Ice top of crackers and cover sides wit tip 21 stripes. Push in pretzel stick sail posts and cannons. Make Sails out of paper and attach to pretzels with dots of icing.

For map cake: Ice cake smooth—top ivory, sides brown. With toothpick, mark map on cake top. Outline water with tip 4 strings. Fill in water with tip 4 blue tinted piping gel. Sprinkle "land" with brown sugar. Edge top with tip 4 bead border. Pipe tip 21 zigzag border at base.

Print tip 4 message on signboard. Position ships, skull, sign and candy coins on top and sides. For trees: Pipe tip 352 royal icing leaf clusters on pretzel sticks. Push randomly into top.

Serves 50.

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