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Penquin Party

Our arctic antics will delight your guests as they serve themselves to delicious cakes and truffles. The penguins are easy and fun to figure pipe.

Mini Ball Pan
Sports Ball Pan Set
Tips 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 8, 12, 75
Black, Orange & Kelly Green Icing Colors
White Candy Melts*
Tree Former Set
Edible Glitter
Floating Tiers Cake Stand
Meringue Powder
Small Angled Spatula
Decorator Brush Set
Royal Icing
Buttercream Icing
Corn Starch
Corn Syrup
Granulated Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Shredded Coconut Waxed Paper
Tea Strainer or Sifter
Christmas Ribbon

*brand confectionery coating

4-1/2 cups Granulated Sugar
3 Tablespoons Water

Place sugar in large mixing bowl. Mix sugar so there are no lumps in it. Make a well in sugar, then add water. Rub mixture between your hands and knead for about 1 minute or until well-blended and mixture packs like wet sand. Be sure there are no lumps in mixture.
NOTE: Keep sugar mixture covered with damp cloth when not in use.

Igloo: Mix 2 batches of sugar following Sugar Mold Recipe. Dust each half of Sports Ball Pan with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Pack sugar mixture into each half, pressing firmly with heel of hand. Scrape a metal spatula at a 45° angle over pan halves to remove excess sugar. Unmold at once by placing cardboard circle over pans and turning upside down. To loosen, tap top of pan with spatula and carefully lift pan off. Use a thread, string, or metal spatula to saw 3/4 in. off one side of each sugar mold for opening of igloo; to prevent cracking, do no remove the cut-off portion. Let dry for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Check to see that outside 1/4 in. of mold has dried. Remove cut-off portion, turn sugar molds right side up and hold in palm of hand. Do not squeeze or move sugar mold while it’s in your hand or it will crack. Use a spoon to mark 1/4 in. thick shell on inside rim of Sports Ball Pan molds. Start at center and gently scoop out soft sugar. After sugar is scooped out, smooth inside and opening of ball with your fingers. Place halves right side up on cardboard circle to finish drying for about 24 hours. Allow to cool to room temperature before touching. Make entryway: Place ring from pan on waxed paper covered cardboard; pack ring with sugar mixture, remove ring saw 1/2 in. off side; do not remove cut-off portion. Place a 2 1/4 in. diameter circle of plastic wrap on center to prevent center from drying. Let dry for 1 hour; remove cut-off portion, carefully scoop out opening, then dry 3 to 4 hours. Attach entryway to main section of igloo with tip 4 and royal icing.

Penguins: Figure pipe using royal icing. Using tip 3, pipe zigzag motion feet, overlapping at heel. Using heavy pressure, pipe 2A body to desired height; add tip 12 ball head. Pipe tip 3 tummy area and face, flatten with finger dipped in cornstarch or smooth with damp Decorator Brush. Tuck tip 8 into sides and, using heavy to light pressure, add pull-out wings. Add tip 2 pull-out beak, tip 1 dot eyes, tip 3 snowballs as desired. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Trees: Make 10-15 trees of various heights using royal icing. Cover Tree Formers with waxed paper, pipe tip 75 leaves. Thin icing with a small amount of water and pipe tip 3 icicles on trees. Sprinkle powdered sugar trees using a tea strainer. Let dry.

Snowball Truffles: [One 14 oz package Candy Melts & 1/2 cup whipping cream]
Coarsely chop Candy Melts; set aside. Place cream in a small saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil, remove from heat; add chopped coating and cover pan. Let stand approximately 5 minutes or until coating has melted. Stir until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate until firm. Roll into round centers. To decorate: Dip into melted candy. Let set. Drizzle with contrasting color. Variations: Roll in chopped nuts, coconut, confectioners sugar, chocolate sprinkles or cocoa.

Mini Snowball Cakes: Thin buttercream icing with a small amount of light corn syrup. Spatula ice mini cake fluffy, sprinkle with Wilton Edible Glitter.

Arrange Igloos, Penguins, Trees, Snow Truffle and Snowball cakes on Floating Tiers Cake Stand. Add ribbon. Just before serving tip 4 and royal icing, pipe pull-out icicles along plate edge.



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