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The Little Monster Cake

We recommend making this cake
from a firm batter recipe such as pound cake.

Make, bake and cool your favorite cake recipe using a Wonder Mold Cake Pan:
and two cupcakes or use a small sportsball pan..

Ice cupcakes together for the head.
Build up top and sides of Wonder Mold cake with icing.
Carefully position iced "head" (with the icing on the cupcakes, form a round ball)
on the Wonder Mold cake.
Push a straw through ball into Wonder Mold cake to secure.
Pipe Tip 10 ball ears; shape with finger dipped in cornstarch.
Pipe Tip 4 dot eyes, nose and freckles. Add Tip 4 outline brows, mouth and fangs.
Pipe Tip 8 dot cheeks. (Flatten and smooth facial details with finger dipped in cornstarch).
Add Tip 17 side-by-side stripe hair. Outline vest, shirt, cape and pants with Tip 4.
On cake board, pipe Tip 10 ball shoes.
Cover cape, shirt, vest, pants and shoes with Tip 17 stars.
Pipe Tip 10 ball hands and fingers.
Overpipe stars to build up sleeves and collar.
Trim shoes with Tip 4 dot buttons. Print Tip 4 message.
Serves 14.

Make all the decorations from Fondant... so easy and so fun!

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