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Accessories you'll need:

Enchanted Castle Pan
Tips: 3, 7, 10
Tip: 16
Sky Blue, Brown, Kelly Green, Red-Red, Black Icing Colors
Cake Board
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Tapered Spatula
Seashells Candy Mold
or Edilbe Sea Shell Sugars
Orange and White Candy Melts®* (1 pk. each)
2003 Pattern Book (Lighthouse)
Buttercream Icing

2 in. piece of uncooked spaghetti, white gumball, granulated brown sugar, Toothpick

*brand confectionery coating

In advance, mold 12 marbleized seashell candies: Melt orange and white Candy Melts in separate bowls. Spoon a small amount of orange melted candy into white melted candy; stir in zigzag motion, do not mix completely. Spoon candy into molds. Refrigerate to set; unmold and set aside.

On top half of cake, ice sides and top smooth with blue icing. On bottom half of cake, ice sides and top smooth with brown icing. Press brown sugar into brown icing area to resemble sand. Trace lighthouse pattern on cake with toothpick. Pipe-in and build-up lighthouse with tip 10 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Outline lighthouse, door, windows and railing with tip 3. Cover lighthouse with tip 16 stars. Insert uncooked spaghetti piece into bag filled with black icing and fitted with tip 3, pull out slowly to cover completely. Insert spaghetti piece in top of lighthouse; attach gumball to tip with icing. Pipe tip 7 dot clouds; outline tip 3 trees and birds. Position seashell candies around base of cake.

Serves 12.

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