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"Irish Lace Cake"
by Laura Ferrante

This beautiful style cake would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day, a ladies' luncheon or an afternoon tea. You are creating the look of lace being draped over a cake.

The things you will need are:
Cake covered in a colored rolled fondant
1/2 lb white rolled fondant
1 1/2 cup thin buttercream with piping gel added
decorator bag with tip# 2
rolling pin
pastry cutter (pasta cutter works great)
small decorator brush
cup of water

Roll out the white fondant to 1/16" thickness. Cut the fondant in to even strips. A pasta maker comes in very handy when cutting strips in the even sizes. Curve the strips of fondant to form a pattern as shown below in the photo. Arrange the fondant in small sections starting with the center of the cake to form a lace design. To attach these patterns use the decorator brush with a little water.

Make sure you are leaving plenty of room on the inside and around each pattern you are placing on the cake. Once the patterns have all been placed on the cake, you will use your tip # 2 with buttercream to connect the fondant patterns together. This is what makes the look of stringwork stitches. In the photo below are some common stitches you may find on lace: brick, diagonal, cornelli, spider web, lattice, needlewave, rope

You can add little buttercream drop flowers in some areas where the patterns connect if you chose. This is a very simple cake to make however, it is like putting together a puzzle, it will take time and planning.
The lace covered cake makes such a nice centerpiece everyone will just be in amazement.



About Laura...

She is a sugar art lover currently living in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally from Tampa, I grew-up with the beautiful Florida sunshine and beaches.

She is married and has a charming little girl that was born in October 2000. You can normally find them at Disney World on the weekends. Her husband and her love all the restaurants and her daughter can’t resist “The Mouse”.

She has a passion for decorating cakes and trying new decorating techniques. She has found a lot of people like her cakes because they are something unique and different.

She enjoys sharing her cakes and party ideas on this site. She hope you find them helpful.

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