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Cowboy Hat Cakes

Submitted by Kara Thomas

Instructions On How To Make This Incredible Cake...

  1. Use a cowboy hat to make a template for the cake by tracing around the hat on to parchment paper. Alternatively, make 2 oval shapes cutting on out 5 inches larger then the other (this will become the brim.)

  2. Color fondant (click here for recipe) to desired shade. Roll out on a smooth surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar. Place brim template over the fondant and cut out with a sharp knife. Use cotton wool covered in cling wrap to help prop brim up into the right shape. Let dry at least 2 days.

  3. Bake an 8 in round cake. Cool 24 hours to help reduce crumbling. Use hat base template to cut the cake to correct shape, place on a thin cake board cut out in the shape of the template and cover it with an Apricot Glaze - This glaze is used to help stop crumbs especially on cakes you are cutting up to make different shapes and if you are using fondant or marzipan to cover your cake this glaze will help it stick. Click here for Recipe.

    Roll a sausage shaped piece of fondant and place around the perimeter of the cake to make the dip in the top of the hat.

  4. Roll out remaining fondant. (to estimate how big a piece of fondant you need, measure the side of the cake and multiply times two, then add 8 for an 8 inch cakes... i.e. The cake is 3 inches high, so 3 x 2 is 6 plus 8 is 14, so you will need an 14 inch piece).  Use a rolling pin to help pick up the fondant and place on the cake. Smooth out with the palm of your hand in a circular motion. 

  5. Remove cling film from brim and carefully place on a cake board. (I've used a large piece of cardboard covered with parchment and then loosely wrapped in raffia with a bandana across it.  Use 2 spatulas to help pick up the cake and place on the brim. Roll out a thin piece of fondant to use for the brim band.

Submitted by Michelle Pack
Click Here to read about Michelle

Submitted by Denise Dopler


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