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  1. Use an apron to keep your clothes clean.
  2. Wash your hands before you start.
  3. Always have a clean towel, wash cloth and sponge to clean up "as you go along".
  4. Rinse bowls, spoons or egg beaters in cold water as you finish with them - this helps keep the kitchen clean and you might need that tool later in the recipe.
  5. After your finished cooking - wash dishes in warm, sudsy water and rinse with hot water. Be sure the water isn't too hot for you.
  6. Wipe off your counters, stove (be careful it might still be hot).
  7. Dry your dishes and put them back neatly for use next time you or someone else cooks.
  8. When you leave the kitchen... be sure that everything is closed, like the refrigerator, doors and drawers are shut. Double check your stove and oven and make sure they are turned off.


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