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Molding the Eggs From Chocolate
Compliments of FabulousFoods.com

Step 1 & 2

Step 3. Molding the Egg
Now it's time to pour the mold for the large egg itself. After ladeling in some chocolate, a pastry brush is used to spread the chocolate evenly aroud the mold. The chocolate is allowed to set slightly, then the process is repeated (sometimes twice more) to create another layer of chocolate. You want the egg to be thick and strong enough to hold its shape and contents but not too heavy. Jean François explained that in Europe, eggs like these are sold by weight, so the more chocolate that is poured, the more expensive the final product.

Step 4. Cleaning the Mold
Now, the molds must be cleaned, so that the edges are completely level and even with the surface of the mold -- a crucial step so the egg will fit together properly. A pastry scraper does quick work of the job. The second photo below shows two freshly poured, cleaned molds. Notice the glossiness of the chocolate in all the photos, this is a result of high quality chocolate and proper tempering.

Step 5. Unmolding the Egg
After the poured molds have been allowed to harden, it's time for unmolding. If you're making these at home, you may have to wait for the egg to catch up to you. In Jean François' case, he usually makes about a hundred eggs, so by the time he has filled his last mold, the first has already set. Give the mold about 20 minutes to set.

Unmolding takes a gentle touch and the chocolate should slide right out. Of course, you want to touch the chocolate as little as possible as the heat from your body will cause it to start melting.

Now that you have molded eggs and bunnies to stuff inside, it's time to design and paint the egg.

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