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Raielene Langdon - Featured Cake Decorator

About Raielene

Some of her Cakes...

"The only birthday cake I can remember from my childhood is one my Mom bought from a private cake decorator. I can't even remember how old I was but I remember the cake vividly! When I had my son just over three years ago, I decided that all of his cakes should be that special and I've been into cake decorating ever since.

I'm completely self taught and rarely get to practice my decorating skills but I use a lot of my experience in art and design to pull the cakes together. I love to use the child's birthday theme or favorite characters on the cake to make it more special for them.

Because of my enjoyment of cake decorating, I am the moderator The Cakes List, which is an e/mail list for cake decorators. There are over 400 members, some are professional decorators while others are home decorators. We discuss everything from decorating cakes to selling them. If you want to learn or want to contribute, please join us at http://geocities.com/cakeslist 

Besides planning for upcoming parties, I am also the Birthday Guru at Lifetips.com. Our site offers a multitude of helpful birthday tips on party planning, cakes, decorating, card writing, toasts, etiquette, food and refreshments, gifts, party games for every age, themes and ideas... pretty much every aspect of birthdays. I am the contributor for the page and also the author of the weekly newsletter which deals with a new birthday topic each month by topic and age groups. Check out my page at http://www.birthday-tips.com  and be sure to sign up for the free newsletter down in the bottom right-hand corner.


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